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H1N1, flu vaccine information

With fears over the spread of H1N1, or "Swine Flu," many people have taken a increased concern over how they deal with the annual flu season.

People at high risk for developing flu-related complications

Most people who get the flu (either seasonal or 2009 H1N1) will have mild illness, will not need medical care or antiviral drugs, and will recover in less than two weeks. Some people, however, are more likely to get flu complications that result...

How to prevent the flu from spreading uncontrolled

Antiviral medications can sometimes help lessen influenza symptoms, but require a prescription. Most people do not need these antiviral drugs to fully recover from the flu. However, persons at higher risk for severe flu complications, or those wi...

Check list to lesson the spread and chance of infection

Keep the sick person(s) away from other people as much as possible (see "placement of the sick person") especially others who are at high risk for complications from influenza...

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