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Carbon County News

CWD becoming more prevalent

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) might not be widespread in Utah, but its prevalence is slowly becoming a problem.

Veterans gather to honor fallen heroes and those that served

Members of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Marine Corps League honored fellow servicemen on Wednesday as their annual tribute for Veterans Day.

Xander's challenge

Six-year-old Xander Archuleta has many loves; playing with his friends, working with Play Doh, playing video games and, particularly, trains.

Turkeys way up in the air

Frank Ori and Diane Jacquez of KUSA radio donned their turkey suits and stood in a lift 100 feet above east Main Street Wednesday morning to raise turkeys for needy families in the area. People in the area donated more than 100 turkeys and the pa...

FBI warns of foreclosure scams in Utah

In tough financial times it seems plenty of companies are claiming they can save Utah homeowners from foreclosure. There are a growing number of advertisements offering home loan modifications - or foreclosure rescue plans- for up-front fees. In...

Long line for flu shots

Like any other flu season, standard shots are available, but with H1N1 fears, demand for even regular shots has increased. A line that nearly went around the corner for standard shots in Price around mid October was full of concerned parents and ...

Treating depression during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of joyful anticipation in preparation of a new baby's arrival. However, for women with depression, excitement about pregnancy or many other life events can be hard to achieve....

Losing while cruising to store

Oct. 27, 2009 - Contrary to what you might believe, living near a variety of restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and even fast food outlets actually lowers your risk for obesity, according to a new study from the University of Utah....

Donations gladly accepted at the Children's Justice Center

Denise Wilstead and Kizzy Ellington are putting away food that was recently donated to the Family Support and Children's Justice Center. Donations of food, cleaning supplies, paper products and clothing are always welcome and appreciated. "The ce...

Local archaeologist published in journal

K. Renee Barlow, Curator of Archaeology at the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, has been published in the journal, "Tree-Ring Research" along with Ronald H. Towner, Matthew W. Salzer and James A. Parks all of the Laboratory of Tree-Rin...

Congress directs BLM to collect processing fee

The Fiscal Year 2010 Interior appropriations bill, enacted into law on Oct. 30, directs the Bureau of Land Management to charge a $6,500 processing fee for each new oil and gas drilling permit application, known as an Application for Permit to Dr...

Corridor management plan meetings called

The Energy Loop National Scenic Byway Committee is updating their 1999 Corridor Management Plan.

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