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Staff column: Dog days bring outlandish canine laws

At least once or twice a year I need to write some kind of column about man's best friend, because as many people know, I am a dog lover. While I raise Siberian Huskys, I love all kinds of dogs, or at least the ones that don't bite me....

The Wasatch Behind: A swell land strategy

Last week Jeannie and I went to a public land use meeting in Emery County. The room was packed and there were people there from all over the state. Some of us know and love Emery County....

Staff editorial: Conservatives not helpful

It was a bad week for conservatives and a good week for America. But I repeat myself.

Letter to the editor: It's not me

My name is Vicki Christiansen and I am the wife of Cal Christiansen. Recently a person who has a name very similar to mine was in the court news accursed of some sort of drug charge....

Letter to the editor: Tribute

A wonderful tribute to my brother, Walt (Buck) Borla, appeared in the Sun Advocate on July 16. It was titled "Trophy ball rewards player's fight to overcome polio."

Letter to the editor: Great summer

As summer winds down, it's time for a little reflection and doing so brings on much gratitude.

Letter to the editor: Set things straight

I was so happy to read the letter to the editor from Doug Fossat (Sun Advocate, Aug. 18, Check the facts) in answer to the letter from Jerry B. Anderson (Aug. 11, Sun Advocate, Health care access to bank accounts). I believe Mr. Fossat has set Mr...

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