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Carbon County News

Recession impacts donations of food

Officially the recession eased slightly over that last month as the economy shrank less than expected, however, demand at the food bank in Price has not reflected this trend....

Cash for Clunkers continues with $2 billion

A government program that allows consumers to trade vehicles dating back to 1990 with low gas mileage - less than 18 miles per gallon - for new 22 or more miles per gallon automobiles came into effect on July 27....

Scams continue to become more sophisticated

Scams to get money from people while offering nothing in return are nothing new.

Carbon County volunteers

Across the United States, all generations have been volunteering in record numbers.

International Days opening ceremony

International Days opening ceremony on July 30 attracts local residents, visitors

Bicycle enthusiasts defeat summer boredom

Bicyclist Tim Withers grinds some rails at the skate park facility in Price.

State, federal agencies implement fire restrictions along southeast Utah rivers

State and federal agencies have implemented fire restrictions on three major river ways in southeastern Utah.

Jefferson Tidwell monument dedicated in Wellington

On July 25, in Wellinton city park, a monument of Jefferson Tidwell an early settler of the area now known as Carbon County was dedicated by KLene Powell who put in years of hard work to organize the project. ...

Consider pros, cons before recycling plastic containers to store edible items, water

Some plastics can be recycled for water or food storage.

Report based on volunteerism survey data ranks Utah as number one state in nation

A report recently released by the Corporation for National and Community Service ranks Utah as the number one volunteer state in the nation for the fourth year in a row.

Price man arrested in Uintah county incident

A Price man was arrested early in the morning on July 19 after allegedly assaulting one man with a rock and another with a propane lantern.

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