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Carbon County News

Carbon County's economy grows despite unemployment

Carbon County's economy continues to generate expanding employment despite the fact that the local jobless rate climbed by one-half of a percentage point in June.

Farmer's market providing produce to community

Caitlin Patterson checks the weight of some fresh lettuces for a customer while her father, USU Extension Services Ron Patterson, looks on. The farmer's market is now open every Saturday morning during the summer in downtown Price at the Peace G...

Price city reviews tree trimming policy

On July 22 the Price city council met to discuss the possibility of giving prior notice to citizens who have trees that need to be trimmed for utility or safety purposes. The issue has been brought forth during previous meetings, however no resol...

Helper museum renovation underway

Helper city councilman Kirk Mascaro inspects the new foundation for the addition being added to Helper's museum. The project should see completion within the year.

Range creek people not an isolated culture

Archaeologists in Range Creek are learning more about the people who lived there an eon ago every year they dig and probe around in Range Creek.

Tomato hornworms invade gardens in Carbon County

Tomatoes are starting to ripen in the Castle Country region.

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