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Rantings and Ravings

I'm writing this on Sunday as I watch the sun come up on Mother's Day. I sent my Mom a box of chocolates and will call her a bit later. I know it was a day invented by a greeting card company, but it is now a well embedded institution. Having ha...

Guest column: The riskiest merger

Bumpy though the last decade has been, most Americans have continued to trust in the basic institutions that undergird the nation's economy. Until now.

Guest column: Health system task force overview

For the past two years, the State of Utah has been engaged in health system reform. If we've learned nothing else about reforming health systems in the past two years, we at least know there is no magic wand and no miracle diet pills that can fix...

Letter to the editor: Capitalism or socialism

We hear one Republican criticize President Obama for taking on the corporations that evade their taxes by moving their offices overseas.

Letter to the editor: What is fair

I would like to address this letter to all companies as well as individuals who contributed or donated to the Pinnacle Canyon Academy Mardi Gras fund raiser this year.

Letter to the editor: Nine-Mile complaints

This past week, we went up Nine-Mile Canyon to see the sights and experience the historic places we had only heard about.

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