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Staff column: World of work is not very far away

The world of work is not far away from any of us. Many of us spend our time there every day, sometimes 24 hours a day depending on the kind of job we have.

The Wasatch Behind: Hate crimes legislation

"Yo, Spud. Did you see the House of Representatives passed a new hate crimes bill?" I asked from behind my newspaper.

Letter to the editor: Socialism not the path

I have been a subscriber of your paper for many years and have felt strong concerns over many of the views addressed in articles that I have read. But never have I felt this concerned, so concerned that I feel strongly enough to write you and show ...

Letter to the editor: Put Americans to work

Every person that is reading this has in the past or will continue in the future to receive phone calls with a foreign person speaking in a broken American dialect. They have or will be trying to sell something....

Letter to the editor: Prohibition years

The Emery County Progress of March 24, 2009 carried a report of an Emery County Historical meeting giving their version of prohibition years in Emery County. I cannot say anything about Arnold Williams and his "stills" in the 1980's as I was not ...

Guest editorial: Gun owners should not be marginalized

In recent weeks, there have been countless statements made by politicians, pundits, and even the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that gun ownership or support for the Second Amendment is connected to, if not synonymous with, violent behavior...

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