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Staff column: Entombed in the food pyramid

Early in December I was standing against a wall in a hospital in Salt Lake when I was told how fat I looked.

The Wasatch Behind: Spudstradamus predicts

"So tell me, oh wise one, what will be our fate for the coming year?"

Guest editorial: America's sixth child

On the day he died, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called his mother to give her his next Sunday's sermon title: "Why America May Go to Hell." In his 1968 call for a poor people's campaign, he warned, "America is going to hell if we don't use her va...

Letter to the editor: Car cell phone use

I read with interest, the article in the Dec.30 issue of the Sun Advocate about Senator Hinkin's views on what he sees happening in the near future. It was a rather lengthy, well written article....

Letter to the editor: Another view of Obama's Presidency

President-elect Barack Hussain Obama promised us a new deal, but the largest number of his appointees are former Clinton people.

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