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Staff column: Dog politics not that different from ours

As many people in the community know I raise Siberian Huskies and I use them to pull a sled during the winter.

Rantings and Ravings

Wow, what a week. We all knew this would be a landmark election, no matter who won. This one was was more intense than we have seen because there are such big issues at stake for our country. On the surface the candidates mostly stayed on task a...

Guest editorial: Main media ommisions

Media Accountability Day, Oct. 1, is the annual release of the news stories that were not covered by the corporate-mainstream media.

Letter to the editor: Mission accomplished

George W. Bush stood upon the deck of an aircraft carrier shortly after the invasion of Iraq and proclaimed "Mission Accomplished" Here in the waning days of his presidential term, the mission is far from accomplished....

Letter to the editor: Proud American

I am a proud American. I am even more proud to be living in Utah. I voted and held my head high.

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