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Carbon County News

Federal, states monies aid county government in potentially life saving project

A private construction company installs nearly a mile of guard rail in broken sections along the eastern end of Fairgrounds Road. Funds for the project were procured by county safety coordinator Larry Prettyman from federal and state safety progr...

Construction company continues work on new facility

Bud Byrge and Scott Warren of Ascent Construction continue work the on the county sheriff's new intake facility along 100 North in Price. The facilty will be used largely as an impound lot. ...

Late season bees

Late season bees go after fall nectar as winter approaches.

Carbon's lawmakers postpone television franchise agreement

Carbon County commissioners tabled a television franchise agreement request last Tuesday as they reviewed a 30-year contract proposal from local telecommunications provider, Carbon-Emery Telcom. ...

Utah Labor Commission, mine safety office conduct conference

The first Utah mine safety conference was conducted at College of Eastern Utah on Oct. 22.

Wasatch Plateau tops state's coal production chart

Last year, mining companies operating in the Wasatch Plateau field accounted for 58.6 percent of Utah's coal production.

Explore options, assets to reduce mortgage concerns

In today's economy, making ends meet is becoming more difficult for people.

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