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Carbon County News

Carbon residents prepare vehicles for winter temperatures, conditions

As the winter cold begins to set in on Carbon County, residents are reminded that taking a few minutes to conduct some simple preventative maintenance on their vehicle can save a bundle over the course of what is predicted to be a long and bitter...

Jack Frost paints water wheels with icy lace as Carbon experiences first freeze

These sprinker systems along U.S. Highway 6 in Price turned into instant art on Monday morning as freezing temperatures made natural sculptures out of the usually ordinary farmworks. Even as the ice stalled the machinery farmers continued to wate...

Local contractors work to finish revamp of courthouse roof

Leadman Javier Galban, Josh Jensen and Frank Sacco work to finsh a total revamp of the county courthouse's roof. They started the project a month ago and plan to finish the roof in the next two weeks. ...

Carbon economy steadies following employment slump

After tragedy struck Crandall Canyon mine, Carbon County's economy slumped at the conclusion of 2007. Local employment fell 1.8 percent compared to 2006's jobless level.

Castleview to recieve '08 HealthInsight quality award

As the Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Accociation prepares to hand out their annual awards, local Castleview Hospital is gearing up to receive their honor as one the the state's finest hospitals. ...

Pumpkins provide health benefits along with adding color to fall holiday, season

Pumpkins and the fruit's seeds are high in vitamin A, protein, fiber, zinc and iron as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat.

Southeastern Utah Medical Reserve Corps conducts conference, training session

The Southeastern Utah Medical Reserve Corps recently conducted the agency's first conference in Orangeville.

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