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Carbon County News

Coal-fueled generation plants represent reliable source of power

Experts in energy agree that coal powered power plants aren't going away anytime soon. While solar power and wind power are good alternatives to provide power, there is no good way to store vast amounts of electricity during down time of these ki...

Intensifying hunger pain concerns plague Carbon County area, state

Price councilmembers were given the hard facts last Wednesday about the growing hunger problem facing both county and state residents.

County Commissioner replacement swore in at courthouse

John Jones who was swore in as a replacement commissioner Friday talks with Jeanne and Grady McEvoy after the ceremony. Jones will fill the position for the rest of the year and then run to serve the remainder of the two year term as the Democrat...

County residents remember Crandall Canyon victims at Helper Arts Festival

Hundreds of balloons are let go in unison for the victims of the August 2007 Crandall Canyon incidents that killed six miners initially and then three men during the rescue attempt just days later. The event at the Helper City park took place on ...

Welder at local college prepares to take on nation, world

Mason Winters prepares for the welding national pre-trials. The CEU student has become one of the elite welders in the nation and is hoping to bring home a national and then world title. ...

Welcome day at CEU starts things off

Welcome Day at the College of Eastern Utah is exciting and sometimes hectic.

Nearly forgotten World War II vet recognized after 60 years

Sixty one years is a long time to wait for something a person has deserved.

Labor force, jobless levels rise in county

Although Carbon's economy managed to post employment gains in July, the county experienced a climbing jobless rate last month.

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