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Senior focus

Grandparenting: a Special Relationship

Listening to grandchildren is an important way that grandparents can make a contribution to kids lives.

Seniors should relate their histories

It's important for families to hear about their ancestors as well as the history of grandparents.

One third of pedestrians killed are 65 and older

Senior citizens need to be careful when they take walks. Choosing the right route at the right time of day is a must for safety.

Will baby boomers redefine old age?

Most baby boomers, as they get into their 60's will retain their independence and fight for change in many of the parameters and rules that have dogged old age in days past.

Air conditioning important to seniors

The United States Center For Disease Control (CDC) estimates that every year around 300 people in the U.S. die from heat related ailments. In addition thousands of American citizens suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. ...

Protect against defrauding seniors

In recent years, three main crimes have come to the forefront, garnering attention from organizations who mean to educate the public about crime prevention and safety. Senior fraud, identity theft and Internet crimes are quite prevalent today. In res...

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