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Senior scene

Making the sandwich work

It would be very nice if everyone had excellent health from the day they are born until the day they die.

Some non-financial tips for boomers

Baby boomers should take inventory of what they want to do after retirement and the options available to them.

Five ways to becoming 50 and fabulous

Turning 50 is no longer what it used to be. In fact, many believe "50 is the new 30" and there's a lot to celebrate with the milestone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 41.7 million women aged 50 or older living in the United States, an...

Worry about the aging process

Daily exercise, regardless of age, is one way to ensure the aging process is a graceful one.

Regular eye exams are important to detection and treatment of glaucoma

As the old saying goes, "seeing is believing." In the case of glaucoma, perhaps the adage should be adjusted to say "seeing and feeling is believing." Though nearly 3 million Americans suffer from glaucoma, the Glaucoma Research Foundation reports th...

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