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Staff column: the ties that bind change over time

It was bound to happen to an old farm kid like me.

The Wasatch Behind: Me, you and Waco II

This week I want to follow-up on an excellent letter to the editor that appeared in last week's Sun Advocate, submitted by Jo Sansevero. Jo made some good points and I haven't been able to stop thinking about what she said. Here are a few additional ...

Rantings and Ravings

We were hit with a lot of depressing news this week. The price of gas continues to soar. Food prices are skyrocketing and in many countries there are riots over food.

Letter to the Editor: Abuse in churches

Catholic sex abuse is really taking up alot of room in the liberal media lately.

Letter to the Editor: How do we survive?

Most every morning I walk my dogs. Sometimes I walk through our town's cemetery. When I was a child this might have scared me, but as an adult I find strength from passing through. Reading the monuments is truly an inspiration to the courage and fort...

Letter to the Editor: Increase tax

This past legislative session, the Utah Legislature seriously considered House Bill 355 (HB 355), sponsored by Representative Paul Ray, which would have increased the cigarette tax from $.69 to $1.19 and provided appropriations for preventive health ...

Letter to the Editor: Left of the Sierra Club

Times are tough in America these days, and people aren't expecting relief any time soon. Consumer confidence is at the lowest point in a quarter century, due in large part to high energy prices eating into household incomes....

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