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Price fire officials respond to close call near college campus

Wardella Edwards embraces a loved one as Price Fire Chief Paul Bedont finishes inspecting the Edwards' charred siding. According to Bedont, the fire, which was started while LarMar Edwards was defrosting a water line on Fifth Avenue, could have been ...

Residents reminded to watch for deer in the road as spring nears

An East Carbon motorist slows as mule deer cross on State Road 123. Drivers are cautioned to watch for the deer crossing near dusk and dawn and in groups, as deer usually graze and travel in a herd. ...

One-hour clock adjustment accompanies arrival of daylight saving time

Sunday morning clocks get moved from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m in accordance with Daylight Saving Time. Next fall the hour will return when clocks get moved back.

Residents advised to consider tax rule changes before filing returns

A Carbon County resident figures his taxes on a financial calculator. Many U.S. residents will receive an economic stimulus package this year for simply filing a tax return. The funds will be sent out automatically by the IRS....

County Planning Panel Reviews Proposed SR-10 Improvements

A transportation project that's been five years in the making is finally becoming a reality members of the Carbon County Planning and Zoning Commission learned Tuesday.

Special service district board revisits Sunnyside concession stand request

Representatives from Sunnyside came prepared to Monday's transportation/recreation special service district meeting to answer questions about a concession stand the city wants to build at the Little League field. ...

Carbon County news briefs

Parcel in Carbon County garners highest per acre bid at BLM's quarterly mineral lease sale

Abbreviations occasionally fail to convey intended message

Abbreviations occasionally fail to convey the intended message.

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