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Certainty not guaranteed by experience

When I was 19 my father, along with my two uncles offered me the opportunity to join in the family business with them. For 50 years the three of them had been dairy farmers and they were ready to make the jump to dry farming by purchasing a farm in s...

The Wasatch Behind: This ain't Kansas, Toto

Last week Jeannie and I went on a business trip to Ohio. It was an interesting journey. We hadn't been back east for many years. The trip made us remember why we like living here in eastern Utah. ...

Rantings and Ravings

I got a phone book left on my door step yesterday. My granddaughter eagerly ran it downstairs to me in my studio. I sent her back upstairs and there it sits next to me on the couch today, still unopened....

Letter to the Editor: Not hope for failure

Both times President Bush was elected I strongly supported him. Now, after witnessing the actions of others when our country is at war, I have constructed a few rules which I will follow. ...

Letter to the Editor: Vote was correct one

As members of the Utah State Senate, we followed last year's Energy Bill in the United States Congress with interest, especially the provisions which would have imposed a huge new tax burden on to domestic energy producers. ...

Letter to the Editor: New and old bring prosperity

The old companies and the new are in Carbon county's future.

Letter to the Editor: Sorry state of affairs

Bush clone John McCain, Hillary Billary, or Barrack Osama as our next President?

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