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So much for the supposed simpler times

The next time someone says to me they wish for simpler times, I think I will blow my cool.

Rantings and Ravings

It has been almost a week since the disaster and I am finally feeling like I am back on keel.

The Wasatch Behind: Only in America

Today is Election Day. Super Tuesday. A day that might go down in history as the day we picked the contestants for our next presidential race.

Letter to the Editor: Protest wilderness bill

I read in several newspapers where Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) is being pushed by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to lock away nine million acres in Utah as wilderness.

Letter to the Editor: Overpass bad project

The Helper overpass at the north intersection of Highway 6 and Main Street is a terrible project. It has been a very troublesome and destructive overpass project.

Letter to the Editor: Ruts

The CEO takeover of our nation flourished during the Clinton/Bush administrations. It wasn't just the well-worn ruts through the White House and congress.. Please remember those fertile issuances of stock-options that propelled big political donation...

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