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Staff editorial: Happiness depends on point of view

Most everyone dreams of a world where people are happy and can live in peace with each other. Yet in this age of marvelous technological advances, a better understanding of the human race than any time in history, we seem farther away than ever from ...

Rantings and Ravings

Another week has passed and several primaries and caucuses have been held. We are still early in the process and yet after every event and poll there is someone in the press trying to read too much into each result....

The Wasatch Behind: Why aliens don't contact us

Since the 1940's there have been thousands of UFO sightings around the world. Hundreds of people claim to have seen little green men from outer space and dozens more claim they've been abducted. ...

Letter to the Editor: Wonderful people

The old year is now a memory and the new year is in full swing. I think we need to take time to appreciate those that have done so much to bring happiness to someones life.

Letter to the Editor: Global warming infidel

I need some help in understanding the concept of global warming.

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