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Local News

Residents lobby Wellington City Council for all-terrain vehicle ordinance

Marvon Willson takes the office on Jan. 9 at the Wellington City Council meeting. Glen Wells and Paula Noyes were also re-elected to the council and sworn in at last Wednesday's meeting....

Winter snow prompts creation of an ancient igloo to suburbs near downtown Price

Kade Dimick smiles while he aids Jesh Cooper and Jeff and Jen Zivkovic with the construction a winter igloo just off Carbon Avenue in Price.

Washing motor vehicles becomes difficult task in Carbon County

Lines at local car washes have become 30 vehicles long at times, making the process time consuming.

County, city officials discuss Price library at special gathering

Straight talk and hard budget figures dominated the discussion between county, city and library representatives at a special meeting last Thursday.

Ida Matched Savings Account Program Designed to Assist Low Income Families

Individual Development Accounts are special matched savings accounts that help low income families establish a pattern of regular savings toward the purchase of productive lifelong assets. ...

Carbon County News Briefs

Castle County business expansion, retention program preparing to move forward in 2008

Wintertime snow brings out artistic talents in Carbon County's sculptor community

A snow dragon built by Dorothy Marsten, Casey Murray, Dixie Burt, Noah Basso and Camyrn Murray of Spring Glen shows that anyone with drive can be a sculptor. According to Marsten, the dragon cost nothing to build, but provided hours of family and com...

Average gasoline pump prices remain constant in county, but decline statewide

Gasoline prices have dipped slightly statewide, while the average per gallon cost remained at $3.05 at the regular self-serve pumps in Carbon County.

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