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Staff editorial: it's the little things to be thankful for

This is the time of year when columnists all over the country go to great lengths writing about how they are thankful for the Bill of Rights, the pilgrims courage in coming to America and to a higher being for helping us to be a great country. ...

Rantings and Ravings

Many businesses in our community will be hosting Angel Trees soon. The Angel tree has replaced the old Sub-for-Santa programs that we used to have in our area.

The Wasatch Behind: Honoring Veterans Day

This is your old friend Butch Cassidy. Since this week is Thanksgiving, I thought I'd drop a line to say hi and let you know how Sundance and I are doing.

Letter to the Editor: Bus drivers and signal lights

I would like to address two subjects concerning drivers and roads in the Carbon County area.

Letter to the Editor: Your Taxes at Work

This is an issue that cuts across party lines. Whether Democrat or Republican, pro-life or pro-abortion, we should resent the fact that the federal government steals our income to support an affiliation of private businesses across the nation....

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