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Chemicals and Man

Do we understand the interaction?

Ed Pills May be Dangerous to Some

Many of the pills marketed as safe herbal alternatives to Viagra and other prescription sex medications pose a hidden danger: For men on common heart and blood-pressure drugs, popping one could lead to a stroke, or even death. ...

Sleeping disorders affect kids too

Children who have trouble sleeping could be fighting any of a number of sleeping disorders.

Utah researcher's win brings hope to patients

Cooper County, Miss. is a long way from Stockholm, Sweden. A shade more than 4,600 miles, to be precise.

Vaccine for Alzheimers disease being tested

Scientists at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation hope to launch human clinical trials in three to four years on an experimental vaccine for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, the fatal, memory-robbing illness that affects 70,000 Oklahomans. ...

Hiv Transmitted by Organ Transplant

For the first time in more than 20 years in the U.S., there are documented cases that the HIV virus has been transmitted from a high-risk organ donor to transplant recipients. ...

Bone marrow transplants have dark side

Bone marrow transplants are one of cancer care's striking successes, but they have a dark side: The transplanted cells can turn on patients, attacking their skin and organs.

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