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Hantavirus poses fall cleanup threat in Carbon County area

A local resident slips down into her cellar to put away some summer fare. Area health officials are reminding Carbon County residents that hantavirus can be contracted in the fall as well as in the spring during cleanup. ...

Railroad passenger service continues to play key role in Castle Valley

Claudette Langley arrives from Oakland Calif. Friday.

Halloween event's activities, costumes rooted in ancient historical traditions

Dylan Stanley, Price and Ella Jones, Logan, are ready for Halloween. Carbon County residents steeped in the holiday tradition know to exercise special caution on the roads on the annual fright night....

Mama said there'd be days like this

The driver of this maroon four-wheel drive Chevrolet truck had a bad morning Monday when he took down a power pole, smashed his front end and then stopped just a couple of feet from the Department of Natural Resources sign at the facility on Carbonv...

Semi-tractor Trailer Rolls Down Embankment on U.S. Highway 6

Following an accident near the top of Price Canyon last Thursday, truck driver Parry Ramsey stands in front of the vehicle as the semi is hauled up the hill back onto U.S. Highway 6. The truck was transporting state newspapers, pastries, pharmaceutic... is a website dedicated to empowering the people of Carbon and Emery Counties to share their views about the recent tragedies at the Crandall Canyon Mine and the issues currently impacting coal production in our state. ...

Workforce services report highlights baby boomers' influence on economy

Following World War II, the United States experienced an unusual spike in birth rates at locations throughout the nation.

Fall represents excellent time to start insect control effort for next year's growing season

The gardening season isn't over yet for people residing in the Castle Valley region.

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