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Carbon election focus

Voting: a Right Everyone can Live with

It's such an ingrained attribute of American government that many citizens just fail to do it.

Helper city council

As a lifelong resident of Helper, I'm proud to say that I'm running for my third term as councilman for Helper City.

Price city council

Many thanks to the citizens of Price City for the years of support you have given me to serve you on Price city council.

Sunnyside city council

My husband Gene and I have lived in Sunnyside City for 22 years and I am currently a Sunnyside City council member. We raised our four children here and would not have wanted to raise them anywhere else....

PRWID Candidates

I am Tom Matthews and I am running for re-election as a county at large representative on the Price River Water Improvement District board.

East Carbon city council

I am an incumbent running for East Carbon's four-year council position.

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