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Staff editorial: Nine Mile Canyon needs help now

Last week I had a chance to visit Nine Mile Canyon for the first time in almost nine months.

Rantings and Ravings

The Cubs could win a world series this year. We could have the country's first female president of the United States. I could become a world renowned artist.

The Wasatch Behind: If uncle Spud were king

"Holy Cow," I said as I turned off the TV in disgust. "This country is sure in a mess. I can hardly stand to watch the news anymore."

Letter to the Editor: It is good for you

The architects of our nation had a great understanding of human nature. They knew no matter how small or large a problem seemed; disagreement would follow on the best course of action. They also understood that if one side felt unrepresented there w...

Letter to the Editor: Call for conservation

With the Wilderness Act reaching its 43rd birthday this past month (it was signed Sept. 3, 1964), now is a good time to reflect on the progress we've made in preserving some of our special wild places, and consider the even greater challenges that re...

Letter to the Editor: Issues, not excuses

With oil prices near record highs and world supplies increasingly in the hands of countries set on destroying our country, now is not the time to close the door on any domestic energy source. We need more energy, both traditional and renewable, for o...

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