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Staff editorial: When the inmates run the asylum

While a minority in our society should have rights, definite, specific and protected rights, when the majority is used as the whipping boy for these rights, there is something definitely wrong....

Rantings and Ravings

Fall has arrived. It did so on Sunday after showers on Saturday evening washed away the remnants of summer.

The Wasatch Behind: the selling of indulgences

"We're going to be rich," Uncle Spud giggled as he waved a piece of paper under my nose. "I've got it all figured out."

Letter to the Editor: Put up or don't criticize

For the most part, I think we can all lose sight on what makes a community go-round and be quick to criticize.

Letter to the Editor: Solemn oath

The United States Constitution is an instrument of the states. The American union is a union of states. The state's congress in Washington D.C. is made up of representatives of the people of each state. There is no provision in the Constitution for ...

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