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Staff column: Similarities, little moderation in race

The presidential field seems complete now that confirmed conservative Fred Thompson finally announced he is running for president on The Tonight Show last week. His entrance into an already crowded field, at a time when elections in the past most can...

Guest editorial: Wrong turn on equality

The July 28th supreme court decision to strike down voluntary school integration plans in Louisville and Seattle, will erode gains in racial equality won through landmark court cases and the struggle by Americans of all races in the Civil Rights Move...

Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on intersection

My husband and I want to express our thoughts as to the current intersection on Highway 6 where it intersects with the turnoff to Spring Glen, and where it also turns off across the road to the golf course. ...

Letter to the Editor: Variety for everyone

The Helper Arts and Music Festival was well-organized and succeeded in bringing out lots of people. I had more fun there than my last visit to the Sundance Film Festival.

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