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Local News

Rescue, MSHA Teams Battle Mountain to Locate Miners

A crew erects equipment to improve communications in Huntington Canyon during rescue efforts.

Gas company approaches Sunnyside to discuss Questar pipeline water fees

Questar crews continue to build the pipeline in the Tavaputs area. The water the company has been using from the Grassy Trail Reservoir was an issue at the Sunnyside Council meeting on Tuesday....

Stores foundation goes in, steel goes up

Crews finish concrete at the site of the new Dollar General store that is going up on Main Street in Price. This week workers have started to erect support steel for the buildings shell. ...

Carbon registers slightly expanding labor market employment numbers

Although joblessness in the county registered at approximately 3.4 percent in June, Carbon's economy continued to create an expanding employment rate.

Concern floods community, county rallies to support rescue efforts at mine

Debbie Navarro-Bruno and Robin Bray of Holiday Inn help Josh Brotherson of Union Pacific, John Pennington of DXP and Gary Jensen of MSHA sort out rooming arrangements. The hotel was booked but with all the people coming into town to either work on ...

Helper woman donates to scholarship fund at CEU

Donna Vee Forsyth Christensen

Learning the in and outs of arthritis

Arthritis can make something as simple as typing on your keyboard a painful and laborious process.

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