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Officials update status of wildfire

A Sikorsky sky crane helicopter has a temporary release of fire retardant as it pumps the tank on the machine full during operations at the Carbon County Airport. The map inset shows the size of the Mathis fire with a small addition to the southwes...

Canine Carbon County resident garners national Gold Standard recognition

Carbon County golden retriever Murphy stands patiently while students from Wellington Elementary measure him for a math concepts project. Murphy recently won the national 2007 Gold Standard Award....

Splash of color

Smoky haze adds splash of color to sky.

East Carbon continues to debate safety complex

During East Carbon's regularly scheduled council meeting Tuesday, local officials continued to debate the fate of the city's involvement in a proposed joint public safety facility....

Carbon County residents prepares for weekend Greek Festival

Local volunteer Laurel Marinos prepares Greek lemon chicken for the July 13-14 Price city festival.

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