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Staff Editorial: Water is really all the same, isn't it?

The debate over water in the west continues.

Rantings and Ravings

This isn't our usual "Shades of Gray" exchange. We decided to give it a rest for this month. But I do feel the need to comment on last weeks Wasatch Behind column by Tom McCourt, "Bothered by the bears". ...

The Wasatch Behind: Problems made in China

"I'll be darned," Uncle Spud sputtered as he put down the TV remote in disgust. "Now we've got to recall fish made in China. Whodathunk?"

Letter to the Editor: Carbon county growth

Your article in the June 14 issue of the Sun Advocate was about the expanding employment in Carbon County.

Letter to the Editor: Wear your medals

America's veterans are the face of America, coming from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds. They served our nation valiantly and we honor that service. But how do we honor the veteran, the individual who put on the uniform and gave his or he...

Letter to the Editor: Project problems

The massive overpass construction project now underway at the intersection of Highway 6 and North Main Street in Helper is designed to eliminate the hazardous situation of cross highway traffic in the area. In the process of construction a much more ...

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