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Staff Editorial: Blocks of trust must have a good base

Last week I took some vacation expecting to get a lot done around the house and take a little time for some recreation.

Rantings and Ravings

So I am writing this as I float down the river. We just ran the rapid at Jack Creek on the Green River. Not much water here, lots of rock showing.

The Wasatch Behind: Dads like this need thanks

Last weekend was Father's Day. Stores were busy as everyone hurried to find dad a great card or a great gift. Over the years, it has become a social and moral obligation to honor our fathers on Father's Day, but sadly, few of us really stop to consid...

Letter to the Editor: a Letter to Teachers

Many teachers have approached me about the hurt and confusion they have felt over the voucher debate and anger at my perceived role. I understand the concern because my parents are retired teachers and I and my children are the products of public edu...

Letter to the Editor: Global warming simple

One need not be a scientist to confirm the fact of global warming over the past century. All one must do is simply ascertain accurate temperature readings from one thousand points around the globe today and then compare these readings with precise te...

Letter to the Editor: Keep it simple

As a father of four, I am 31 years of age and I am trying to make it through life's struggles like everyone else. But I take a look back, and being raised by a very traditional strong structured family, I find it increasingly harder to parent the sam...

Letter to the Editor: Responsibility of elected

A new millennium with eternal consequence.

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