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Getting good and close to it makes a difference

Saturday evening I spent about an hour and a half riding on a jet from Ontario Airport in California to Salt Lake City after attending corporate meetings the end of last week.

Different shades of gray

Each month the Sun Advocate presents two views of the same subject as columnists Terry Willis and Tom McCourt see it.

Letter to the Editor: Promotion will be important

I visited the North Springs Shooting and Recreation Area on its opening day. I was greatly impressed with what I saw.

Letter to the Editor: Flower thief strikes

While this letter is written to the Sun Advocate, it is really meant to address the flower thief at the Helper Cemetery.

Letter to the Editor: Schip Program Due to Expire

I'd like to call attention to a pressing issue directly impacting our children's health. Ten years ago, the health and welfare of our nation's children took a major leap forward with the enactment of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCH...

Letter to the Editor: Legislating decency

I regularly pick up trash from the road east of the new cemetery while I run my dog. Aside from the usual tell-tale contraband, beer bottles and wrappers, I find the most ridiculous debris imaginable. Old mattresses, painting supplies, cardboard bo...

Letter to the Editor: Bill will not secure country

When this great country of ours was founded, one of the founding fathers said the price of freedom is vigilance.

Letter to the Editor: Contraceptives like a cancer

Artificial contraception is a silent cancer growing on our society.

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