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Love means never having to say IKEA

I was talking to a friend of mine from Salt Lake last Monday and I asked him what he was doing over Memorial Day.

Rantings and Ravings

Small random acts of kindness very seldom get much attention as we go about our daily lives. Almost every day either we take a moment and help some one or someone helps us.

The Wasatch Behind: Spud's ten ways to save gas

"Holy cow," I sputtered as I hung up the nozzle and screwed the gas cap back on old rusty bucket, the world's best pickup truck. "Sixty-six dollars for twenty gallons of regular gasoline. What is the world coming to?"...

Letter to the Editor: Supporter of Carbon

The Carbon County Chamber of Commerce selected the Sun Advocate as the business for the month of April. The Sun Advocate paper is such a big promoter of all of Carbon County. I put the Sun Advocate paper as the number one paper in the state for suppo...

Letter to the Editor: Asking the questions

For years we have been under the impression that all who are born in our country and those who immigrated under dire conditions and eventually passed and took the citizenship oath are Americans. We have faced past conflicts as one nation and will aga...

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