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Sometimes it hurts to be a good person

Most of us know that when we contribute something to an organization, help a neighbor in need or volunteer our time, that we are giving something up. Usually it is very worthwhile, and we do get something for our effort in terms of personal satisfact...

Rantings and Ravings

As the weather warms up I have become a little more serious about getting in shape. That is mostly because I love to play in the summer and everything I like to do requires me to be in decent shape if I am to really enjoy myself....

The Wasatch Behind: the way to end wars

"Why didn't I think of that?" Uncle Spud said as he put down his newspaper.

Letter to the Editor: People are paying

I am not a member of East Carbon City council. I am the wife of the Sunnyside City mayor. What I am is a very frustrated citizen of the area.

Letter to the Editor: Not perfect world

To all of the members of the Carbon County community who feel the need to involve the whole state in your personal vendetta, I have one question.

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