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Local News

Motorcycle accident in Price Canyon

Helper rescue 3 and Utah Highway Patrol move down Price Canyon after a motorcycle accident on Tuesday. Trooper Jason Marshall reported that the accident involved only the operator of the motorcycle, Joseph Rasband, and was caused by excessive speed. ...

Brigades preparing to respond to mine blazes

Miner Rick Borg checks his gauge as he performs a negative pressure check on his self-contained breathing apparatus at a training session at UtahAmerican's Tower division.

Sunnyside considers expanding cemetery

Sunnyside city is looking to expand their local cemetery. The Valley View Cemetery was formally established in 1900 and revamped completely during the 1990's. During that time local residents used grant money to lay sod, install a sprinkling system...

Price fire department slates demonstration

Flames engulf a power pole near Gordon Creek Road after a fire spread across a dry field in 2005. Wildfires account for significant damage to utility lines, fences and outbuildings in the county. Proper management and compliance with controlled bur...

Carbon County News Briefs

Law enforcement officers arrest, book doctor into jail on drug-related charge

Moving building causes major trafic jam in Carbon County

Police vehicles and multiple semi trucks escort a moving building down U.S. Highway 6 in Wellington. Motorists reported that the convoy caused sizable traffic jams and Utah Highway patrol officers were forced to move vehicles off the road to accomod...

Carbon County economy continues to create expanding employment opportunity rate

Carbon County continues to experience expanding employment.

CEU Continues to Offer Lowest Tuition Among State Schools

College of Eastern Utah still carries the lowest tuition among Utah's nine-public college higher education system as administrators decided not to increase second-tier tuition for students in the 2007-08 academic year. It is the only college to not a...

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