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Different shades of gray

Each month the Sun Advocate presents two views of the same subject as columnists Terry Willis and Tom McCourt see it.

Letter to the Editor: no input on decision

I am writing with frustration over the past decision by Carbon County School Board regarding the renewal of the contract for the current Superintendent, David Armstrong.

Letter to the Editor: Bring them home

I've sat on my hands and kept quiet long enough (going on four years now) mostly because I feared voicing my opinion was unpatriotic for we've been reminded on television non-stop that any thoughts other than those of the Bush administration are not ...

Letter to the Editor: Bush's library

I understand that one city has already turned down the building of President Bush's presidential library (I can't remember which city), but I don't blame them. I wouldn't want it in my city either, unless it was built to my specifications....

Guest Editorial: Local homes and radon gas

When Superman's wife, Dana Morosini Reeve, 44, died of lung cancer being a nonsmoker, you have to consider what may have caused this tragedy. Dana's Fox News death announcement mentioned radon as a possible cause. Then goes on to describe how 20 pe...

Foster families provide nurturing homes

Why would you take someone else's child into your home and care for them?

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