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The quintessential Christmas movie

Last Thursday night I saw the Polar Express for the first time. My wife and I watched on the small set in our television/office space at our house. Watching the animation and the scenes made me want to see it on a much bigger screen....

Rantings and Ravings

Oh the joys of preparing for the holidays.

The Wasatch Behind: Uncle Spud says oh deer

I was driving past the golf course yesterday and saw something that made me sad. Some guy was driving along the highway picking up dead deer. He was pulling a large trailer and it was full. Deer carcasses were stacked two or three deep. And after I p...

Letter to the Editor: Stay out of eastern Utah

The Murray Energy Corporation has the Lila Canyon coal properties which they are trying to get the state mining department to okay for opening a coal operation.

Letter to the Editor: Not a danger

There have been many scares over the years that turned out to be harmless. Some of them cost many millions of dollars, even billions, but none are as big as the baseless fear of adding more peaceful nuclear power plants. ...

Letter to the Editor: the Messiah

The annual Messiah Oratorio was performed in the civic auditorium early in December before a near capacity audience.

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