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When simple things become complex

For most people, the complexities of existence are often more than they can deal with. Taxes, death and kids (not necessarily in that order) often take them to the max of their ability to cope....

Rantings and Ravings

I'm sitting here on Sunday trying to come up with some inspirational thing to write about this week and I am drawing a blank. You'd think with the recent elections and the departure of Rumsfeld that I would be moved to write something, but I'm not....

Wasatch Behind: Steering the ship of state

The election is over and the voice of the people has been heard. Democrats have a new majority in congress.George Bush got what Bill Clinton got in 1994. Mutineers have seized the rudder of the ship of state. The people are demanding a change of dire...

Letter to the Editor: LDS Clarification

Mr. Sharp from Castle Dale seems bent on trying to misinform people in letters to the editor on these pages about the LDS Church and it's stance on various issues.

Letter to the Editor: Park meets needs

The Dino-Mine Adventure Park finalized a goal of our Special Quest team.

Letter to the Editor: True patriots

While politicians and media are busy congratulating themselves and each other for this historic election, and with humble respect to the many patriots who served and sacrificed for our country, I'd like to point out some unsung heroes. This month we ...

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