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Senior groups need separate names too

Have you seen the ad for a retirement plan that shows this woman passing through time and the announcer says she was once known as a "hippie, a yuppie, a CEO, a cancer patient and survivor and now she is a retiree"? While the use of many of the terms...

Rantings and Ravings

I just blew through a red light today. I didn't just sneak through because I though I could beat it, I just plain ran it. Why? Because I broke a rule I had tried to keep for myself. I was talking on my cell phone and driving....

Wasatch Behind: Uncle Spud's vote counts

"Did you vote this morning?" I asked Uncle Spud.

Letter to the Editor: We don't matter anymore

I am becoming more and more convinced that what We The People have to say doesn't really matter anymore.

Letter to the Editor: Turn a blind eye

How can Utah's "goodie two shoes" Republicans continue to support King Bush whose past and current records are as follows:

Letter to the Editor: Demise Of U.S. Underway

Relatively few Americans are aware that the destruction of the United States is well under way. How can this be?

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