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Anonymous just doesn't do it for us

In some ways columnists, and newspaper people, either thrive on controversy or on humor, or both. In a way you have to have a perverted sense of the world to work in this business....

The Wasatch Behind: Spud's planet commentary

I found Uncle Spud standing outside under the stars, waving a handkerchief at the sky.

Letter to the Editor: Give correct information

I read your recent article entitled "The dilemma of Diabetes", (08-22-06) written by Richard Shaw and was quite disturbed by false information included in the article.

Letter to the Editor: Seething abuse

There is a drug and alcohol abuse problem seething through this country. Victim by victim, family after family, it is tearing our civilization to shreds.

Letter to the Editor: Landlines still important

The Labor Day holiday weekend presents risk of at-home accidents and injuries as families and friends gather for the last BBQs, neighborhood block and pool parties of summer.

Rantings and Ravings

I just came in from an attempt to make a frame for one of my paintings. It is a disaster. I just don't have the measuring genes in my body.

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