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All have an opinion and they should

Putting together the opinion page each week is a new adventure every time I do it.

The Wasatch Behind: Using the Sierra Club

Once upon a time people lived in caves and lived happily ever after. It was great because the whole world was wilderness and there weren't any freeways or box stores to mess up the neighborhood. The birds sang while sunbeams bounced back into interst...

Letter to the Editor: Write to protect the flag

I agree with most things that Senator Bennett does, but almost every year I have written to him asking him to vote for the "Flag Amendment", and every year, he votes against it. ...

Letter to the Editor: Just an idea

I am writing this letter to make a suggestion.

Letter to the Editor: What harm does it do?

Often I am asked by reporters, "What harm does it do to burn a flag?"

Rantings and Ravings

I had to write this today before I forget to. I have been doing that a lot lately.

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