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that which affects coal, affects all of us in Carbon

While this community, county and area of the state has tried very hard to diversify our business base, the basic fact is that when something affects coal, it affects all of us....

Different shades of gray

Each month the Sun Advocate presents two views of the same subject as columnists Terry Willis and Tom McCourt see it.

Letter to the Editor: Performance a delight

The "Two for One" Eastern Utah Wind Symphony and the Whitehorse High School Band presented an entertaining program of standard works for concert band.

Letter to the Editor: Amnesty should be subsequent

It looks like Pres. Bush is beginning to comprehend the public sentiment vis-a-vis the immigration issue. National Guard troops are a start, but what we really need is enforcement of current employer sanctions coupled with a new, readily verifiable I...

Letter to the Editor: How quickly we forget

I read an interesting letter in the Sun Advocate last week. It seems that the city of Helper is considering going to a graduated billing system that will penalize a family if their water usage is to low....

Letter to the Editor: Disrespectful

On Memorial Day, as I usually do, I took a large wreath made from American Legion veterans poppies to the cemeteries. One for the old cemetery veteran monument and this year I made a second one for the new cemetery because it was being dedicated....

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