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Focus on health

Summer health, Summer fun

Two hikers pause for a rest before pursuing the climb farthur up a trail. Many people like to spend time at high altitudes during the summer, and protection from the sun and plenty of water can make the experience much more enjoyable....

Hot weather excercise program should include caution

Experienced runners know how important it is to stay hydrated whether the weather is hot or cold.

West Nile Virus a common danger to Carbon residents

It would be hard not to notice if one ventures outside at at all in the evening.

Good food for the eyes

Eating properly is not only good for your overall health; it's also good for the eyes, especially as one ages. People can consume certain vitamins and nutrients that researchers have found to nourish and protect the health of the eyes. Following is a...

Yard machine injuries can be prevented

Almost every homeowner owns lawn and garden equipment of some type. This equipment is so common and used so frequently that the dangers associated with its operation are often ignored. Probably the most dangerous piece of equipment used around the ho...

Drink a lot of water

The human body is largely made up of water. Blood is mostly water, and muscles, lungs, and the brain all contain a lot of water. Water is needed to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to all the organ. Water als...

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