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Postal increase aimed at newspapers

Everyone has heard the old saying about death and taxes. The same also seems to apply to postal rates.

The Wasatch Behind: We'll remember always

"Ah, to be young again and have the whole world at your feet," I smiled as I read through the list of this year's high school graduates.

Letter to the Editor: Flowers gone

I just returned from the Wellington City cemetery to visit my husband's grave. I had left flowers there on Mother's Day.

Letter to the Editor: New policies for America

Here are some new policies I think the United States ought to adopt.

Letter to the Editor: the flags meaning

Once a year we set aside a day which we call Independence Day. It is celebrated by many people. Some fly their national emblem, but most do not. Many in fact, do not own a flag. But the flag is significant....

Rantings and Ravings

Another school year is now drawing to an end.

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