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Congress is hypocritical about privacy

Amidst the controversy of the National Security Agency "mining" telephone company records concerning millions of Americans phone calling habits and the fact that President Bush admitted early this year that some Americans have had their phones tapped...

The Wasatch Behind: State of things continued

"I hear some people are upset about my wanting to change the official Utah state bird from the garbage eating seagull to Utahraptor, an extinct dinosaur."

Letter to the Editor: Greater understanding

As a member of Congressman Chris Cannon's Immigration Advisory Committee I have recently had the opportunity of participating in the drafting of a comprehensive policy recommendation on immigration. This has been an unique and eye-opening experience....

Letter to the Editor: be a 4-H Volunteer

There are many ways for us to be involved with our children. I would like to talk about a program that has been serving youth in Utah for nearly one hundred years, 4-H.

Rantings and Ravings

My husband left town again for a few days and as most of you know, that means home improvement projects at my house. I can barely use my left hand to type this because I whacked it hard with the hammer when I missed the pry bar I was using....

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