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Bottled up once again in eastern Utahn

Last summer when a semi truck that was headed through Spanish Fork Canyon turned over and exploded in the Red Narrows, we all learned how vulnerable we were to transportation disruptions in eastern Utah....

The Wasatch Behind: Weather that is changing

As winter sheds her muck and mud,

Rantings and Ravings

I struggled a bit this week to write something for this space. I have had a lot of people say they like what I write, but twice this week I heard that someone has not. I knew that would be the case going in to putting my opinions out where all could...

Letter to the Editor: Free groceries a bust for some

On March 9 I heard of a promotion at a local grocery store.

Letter to the Editor: an officer and gentleman

It seems that when some people look for people to look up to, they look to the latest celebrity. But I recently met somebody right here in our little town of Price that should be on that list of people to admire. ...

Letter to the Editor: Should know better

On March 20, I was driving home from Provo on Highway 6. Just before the rest area, I had someone come up behind me and tail me very closely. It was on the second look back that I realized it was an ambulance. They were so close to my rear bumper tha...

Letter to the Editor: Improvements need water to back them up

The Carbon County Special Scofield Service District is preparing to improve and stablize the Scofield dam foundation and structures. The board members are an intelligent and dedicated group and intend on the improvements to keep the dam safe and str...

Letter to the Editor: Garbage not a delight

The few nice days we've managed to have in Carbon County gave me Spring fever and I decided to go on a few walks and hikes, smell the cedar, juniper and sagebrush and feel that Spring thing. ...

Letter to the Editor: Read the books

I feel certain that those who read this letter to the editor have pondered the same question that had bothered me as well for some time.

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