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Store sounds are not music to my ears

We stood there looking at the televisions blaring their color and sound at us. Each had on the same channel, one with gardening, advertising and of course the corporate line, of the company store in which we were standing....

The Wasatch Behind: Hollywood is breaking the back of cowboy virtues

After winning many accolades at the recent Golden Globe Awards, it seems the movie Brokeback Mountain is sure to win an Academy Award. It has just the right theme and tenor for the Hollywood crowd, those folks intending to re-make our culture in the ...

Letter to the Editor: Let congress have social security

I would like to share my feelings about our federal senators and congressmen.

Letter to the Editor: They said no surprises

Two years ago when the new road in Carbonville was proposed I, with all the other landowners, were invited to a county commission meeting. During the meeting they explained what was going to be done and asked all of us to sign a right of way to get t...

Letter to the Editor: Say no to FTAA

During 2005, Congress will be asked to pass legislation committing the United States to membership in a new Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). More than 10 years in the planning, the FTAA would entangle 34 Western Hemisphere nations in exactly t...

Letter to the Editor: Enact the Castle Doctrine

The state of Florida is the first state in the nation to enact the Castle Doctrine, a critically needed reform that guarantees the right to self defense. The law allows citizens to defend themselfs using firearms if nessecary, for self protection aga...

Rantings and Ravings

The trouble with going on vacations is that you need to either double up on what you do before you go or do it after.

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