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Tradition trumps political correctness

This holiday season has been full of joy and happiness for many people, but over the festivities has hung the latest the political correctness wars.

The Wasatch Behind: the New Year's resolution deserves a revolution

The year 2005 is finally gone, and good riddance. It's always nice to put up a new calendar and make a fresh start. The beginning of a new year is a chance to start over again and get it right the next time. ...

Letter to the Editor: Defend right to free speech

In this era of political correctness it really bothers us that there are activists attacking everything that the U.S.A. stands for.

Rantings & Ravings

Christmas is over for another year.

Letter to the Editor: Fortitude to speak up

With all due respect to Jerry B. Anderson and his views concerning the Bush administration's alleged lying (Sun Advocate, Dec. 6, 2005) to lead our country to war with Iraq, let's face the truth of the matter. ...

Letter to the Editor: Blessed the country we were

On the second of this month I was seventy one years old.

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