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Holiday babies get all the bad breaks

Each year we read about that special baby that is born right after midnight on the first day of the year and how his or her parents are showered with gifts. It happens in almost every town and city, including here locally....

The Wasatch Behind: the green people and the great white north

"It was so cold this morning I had to kick start my dog," Uncle Spud said with a grin.

Letter to the Editor: Defend right to free speech

In this era of political correctness it really bothers us that there are activists attacking everything that the U.S.A. stands for.

Letter to the Editor: It is the road

I watched in horror a couple of weeks ago as the news reported another fatal accident on Highway 6 between Price and Spanish Fork. A husband, wife, and their young son were burned in a horrible accident. Three people, in another vehicle, were injured...

Rantings and Ravings

I admit it, I watch a lot of TV in the evening. So it stands to reason that I also see a lot of commercials. The automotive industry promotes their trucks by convincing us how big and tough they are....

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