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Of voice mail, cell phones and China

The phone on the other end of the line rang and rang and rang.

The Wasatch Behind: Ski Utah, or so they say

Have you ever noticed how the TV news people give the ski resorts free advertising during the winter months?

Letter to the Editor: Don't cut funding

As someone who has been touched by cancer and as an American Cancer

Letter to the Editor: The health exception

Doctor asks; "are you experiencing any mental stress due to your pregnancy?" Teenage Girl answers; " yes it is bothering me". Doctor affirms; "then you may have an abortion without your parents consent." ...

Letter to the Editor: List not a negative

An article published recently in the Sun Advocate ("Commission clarifies county's position on Nine Mile Board," Nov. 29, 2005) contains some inaccurate information which I would like to correct. ...

Letter to the Editor: Not a liar

Sometimes while traveling I listen to various radio talk shows.

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